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What is SyncGene?

SyncGene is a Web App. The main goal of the service is to bridge the gap between most popular services and apps (Google, iCloud, Microsoft 365, Exchange) and allow users to have their data (Contacts, Calendar, Tasks) synchronized and up-to-date across them.

SyncGene is not an online backup service and no data is stored within our servers (we use secure Microsoft Azure as our cloud app and storage provider). SyncGene is not a replacement for your existing Calendar, Address Book, or To-do web services, but rather a service that connects and synchronizes personal data of the apps that you use.

SyncGene service is accessible online, as well as via mobile apps, and can be used with any device (PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, iPad, etc.). SyncGene supports a number of online services (Google, Exchange, iCloud). Get notified of the latest SyncGene updates by subscribing to our newsletter here.