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Get Started With SyncGene Enterprise

SyncGene Enterprise is designed for large businesses and workgroups. The Enterprise plan will provide all features of SyncGene Premium, and extra ones – designed to boost the workflow of all departments, from a single point of control.

With one account users will have the ability to connect all company members in one place and have their data (Contacts, Calendars, Tasks) synchronized and updated across their accounts and devices. Have an unlimited number of members, all with a unified Calendar and Contact list.

What is included with one SyncGene Enterprise account?

Centralized Member Administration

With SyncGene Enterprise, users can track and manage member activity from one Enterprise Admin Panel. Easily add numerous members at once and pre-select sources for each. See all necessary information in real-time: Active / Pending status and Seats used, as well as the latest synchronization results for each active member. Simultaneously, manage notifications at the enterprise level. Add, remove and manage members without accessing their private data, all from one dashboard.

Adding Unlimited amount of users at once

Improved control settings allow all SyncGene Enterprise users to import members from one organization or team. Account configuration is done using CSV files. Administrators can also import pre-selected sources for each member separately – to set up users for synchronization, all in one place.

Learn more about user configuration options.

Salesforce Contacts Synchronization

Sync your Contacts from Salesforce CRM with other sources, such as iCloud, Gmail and Microsoft Exchange. Only one Salesforce license with API integration is needed to successfully manage an entire businesses’ needs. By consolidating Salesforce with SyncGene’s Enterprise plan, users will save both time and money. You will then be able to administer your Salesforce contact information with a click of a button.

Learn how to set up your Salesforce account for synchronization.

Contact List Sharing

Reduce manual efforts trying to keep your company contacts up to date with the Contact sharing feature. Create a specific Contact list, edit and share it with your colleagues from a single account. Account administrators will choose which members will have the permission to edit the information and share it to the network. Be sure that all contacts are accessible on every company phone.

Centralized Billing

As an Enterprise member, you will have a centralized billing option. Preview invoices online and control upcoming payments from one Enterprise account. You can also choose to consolidate all expenses into one payment – for easier budget control. Various payment options are available: credit card, PayPal, wire transfers or checks, including issued and signed PO.

Easy Customization and Deployment

Customize and set up your SyncGene Enterprise account according to the company’s requirements. Admins can access multi-user source tools, allowing them to sync multiple sources at the same time. Assign sources in bulk, without micromanaging them one by one. Tailor different sources for active members and be sure that everything will be synced according to your specific needs.

Learn more about member management options.

Dedicated Account Manager

With a SyncGene Enterprise account, you will also be assigned a personal account manager. Your manager will lead you through the process step by step – from purchasing the subscription to setting up the software, ending with any other questions you may have along the way. Any news about upcoming updates or related changes will reach you through your dedicated manager.

Safety, Security, Reliability

SyncGene does not store any synchronized data. It works as a tool to pass your information and keep it synchronized. SyncGene is hosted on the Microsoft Azure – the most trusted and reliable cloud service in the world.

Visit SyncGene Enterprise to learn more about this solution.

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