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What does “Items failed” mean?

There may be many different reasons for failures to occur. From simple temporary restrictions from service providers (iCloud, Google, Microsoft 365) to specific and unique data and usage scenarios. The common temporary service issues are usually resolved by themselves during the next synchronization or, the worst-case scenario, within 24 hours. If this is the first time a failure has occurred - please check if it is not resolved during the next scheduled or manual synchronization.

There are a few simple things to check:

1. Run sync manually once again and check if items are correctly synchronized now;

2. If possible, wait for 24 hours and try to do synchronization, check if the issue is resolved;

3. If you can identify item(s) that failed to synchronize - try to re-create those items by deleting old ones and creating the same items again. Run the process once more and check if the issue is corrected;

4. Try the following steps:

a. Go to “What to Sync” menu of SyncGene;

b. Disable the data type that has items which are failing to synchronize;

c. Press “Save”;

d. Enable the data type that you disabled on step “b”;

e. Press “Save” again;

f. Start synchronization and check if the issue is resolved.

If you tried every solution but still have problems - contact our support here."