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Tax Policy

Using your credit card/debit card to purchase from SyncGene website is a secure process. Your personal information and credit card details are encoded before they leave your computer and therefore cannot be read as they are sent to us via the Internet. Your credit card information is not stored with us. All credit card processing is done via PayPal.

What about taxes?

The tax applied to your order may vary according to a number of factors: these include your address, the registration / delivery address for your product(s), exempt status, etc... Where applicable, tax is calculated and rounded at a per-unit level.


Customers Who Reside in the Americas (including USA)

If a product is delivered within the state of Florida, USA, the service is tax-free.


Customers Who Do Not Reside in the Americas (including USA)

Cira Apps Limited does not collect Sales or VAT Tax, where law requires, you may have to self-assess and report Tax on products purchased from us. Orders delivered to other countries outside the United States, do not have to pay VAT or Sales Tax.

The tax treatment is correct at January 2013 and is subject to modifications as and when tax legislation and rates change.

If you have any questions, you can write us an email, contact us via live chat, or call via phone: +1-202-747-0888.