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What does “Estimated Changes” mean?

“Estimated Changes” will display how many calendar events, contacts and tasks will be synchronized during the next synchronization. The “Sources are out-of-date” status will appear if you have not synchronized your calendar events, contacts and tasks for a while.

There are a few simple things to check to make sure all items are synchronized:

1. Run sync manually once again and check if items are correctly synchronized now;

2. If possible, wait for 24 hours and try to do synchronization, check if the pending items are synchronized;

3. If you can identify item(s) that are not synchronized yet - try to re-create those items by deleting old ones and creating the same items again. Run the sync process once more and check if the issue is corrected;

4. Try the following steps:

a. Go to “What to Sync” menu of SyncGene;

b. Disable the data type that has items which are failing to synchronize;

c. Press “Save”;

d. Enable the data type that you disabled on step “b”;

e. Press “Save” again;

f. Start synchronization and check if the issue is resolved.

If you tried every solution but still have problems - contact our support here."