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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about SyncGene

  1. What is SyncGene?
    SyncGene is an online synchronization and sharing platform, to synchronize calendars, contacts and tasks across various devices, accounts and services that you use. With SyncGene, you can share calendar events with your team, family or friends on different platforms. For example, share and sync your calendar from iCloud account to Google or Microsoft Exchange account, from iPhone to Android, etc. More Less
  2. Do I need to install anything on my Smartphone or PC to use SyncGene?
    No, SyncGene is an online tool working on the cloud. For your convenience, we have also launched mobile app (compatible with iOS & Android OS). More Less
  3. Is it possible to restore data if I don’t like the result?
    Yes, it is possible to restore the latest data. We are making backups of your data before processing. If you do not have a Google/iCloud account (to store the data), you will be informed with a message before the process starts. More Less
  4. Where does SyncGene store personal data?
    SyncGene does not store any personal data on the servers. All backups are stored in your personal Google/iCloud account. SyncGene is a totally secure online tool. More Less
  5. Are there any limitations of the Free version of SyncGene?

    Yes, the Free version has the following limitations:

    • the number of services to sync is limited to two accounts;
    • automatic synchronization is disabled;
    • manual sync is limited to one time per month;
    • filters are limited, and you will be able to synchronize only one Calendar and Contacts folder/group;
    • the number of calendars to share and accept is limited to one per account;
    • the "Owner" or "Edit" permissions to share are disabled, you will able to share calendar just with the "View only" and "Free/Busy" rights;
    • the public sharing link creation is disabled.
    Please find the comparison between Free and Premium packages here.

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  6. Where do I initiate synchronization from?
    SyncGene is a web service. Go to, log in, add accounts and synchronization will begin. More Less
  7. How to start Calendar Sharing?
    Follow just 4 steps and you are ready to share. Please find the steps of how to share your calendar with others here. More Less
  8. What type of services does SyncGene support?
    SyncGene supports iCloud, Google, Microsoft Exchange services. More Less
  9. How to cancel the SyncGene subscription?
    If you want to cancel your Premium subscription, go to Profile Settings (upper right-corner under the user menu), click on Cancel Subscription and follow the instructions.
    Please find the description with screenshots on how to cancel your Premium subscription here.
    Note: if you would like to continue using Premium features during the paid period, cancel the subscription using PayPal or contact your bank. Please contact our LiveHelp if you have any questions.
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  10. How to delete SyncGene account?
    If you want to delete your SyncGene account, please contact our LiveHelp for help. More Less
  11. Which mobile app to use: SyncGene or Share Calendar?
    If you want to use synchronization and also calendar sharing feature you should use SyncGene app. If you want to share calendars only you should use Share Calendar app.
    Both apps are compatible with Android OS and iOS.
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  12. How to add accounts?
    To add accounts please go to Sync Status and click on Add Account, then select the services or/and apps you want to sync and follow the instructions here. More Less
  13. How to generate the app specific password (iCloud/Microsoft Exchange)?
    Please find the instruction on how to generate the app specific password using iCloud account or Microsoft Exchange account. More Less
  14. Can I change the sync interval?
    Yes, it is possible to change sync interval. Please contact our LiveHelp for assistance. More Less
  15. Can I map folders?
    Folder mapping is not possible.
    We would appreciate if you could share your feedback and ideas regarding this functionality for further product improvements.
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  16. Does one-way sync work?
    Service sync works in both ways only. You can share calendar using our service with read/only rights, that would cover the one way sharing. Please contact our LiveHelp if you have any questions. More Less
  17. Is SyncGene safe?

    SyncGene is safe, secure and reliable service:

    • SyncGene is hosted on the Microsoft Azure - most trusted cloud service;
    • All your data is backed up to your iCloud, Google Drive or OneDrive and can be easily restored;
    • We never keep your synchronized information;
    • All your payment information is encrypted and protected by SSL certificate issued by Comodo Cybersecurity;
    • We ensure that our product that you use online is virus free. All products are virus checked before we securely encrypt them. We run virus checkers on our Web servers on a daily basis;
    • Securing our users’ personal data continues to be a priority for SyncGene. We aim to follow the laws and bring data privacy laws across Europe up to speed with the rapid technological change. We are committed to keep your privacy and the privacy of your information. Privacy Policy defines how we handle data input with SyncGene.
    • SyncGene is developed by 4Team Corporation – Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and software developer since 1999.
    If you have any questions, please contact us via live chat, email or call via phone: +1 (954) 796-8161.

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  18. I have some more questions, how can I contact you?
    You can write us an email, contact us via live chat, or call via phone. More Less