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SyncGene Refund Policy

Cloud subscription software

We eager to make sure that you would be fully satisfied by your purchase. If you are not 100% satisfied with SyncGene subscriptions, please contact us within 14 calendar days of your purchase to receive a refund. 14 calendar refund days are also applicable for renewals starting from the first renewal day. * Special offers are not refundable.

In case of willing to do a refund, please send us refund request via e-mail. Within 5 business days of receipt of your Request we will issue refund equal to amount you paid. Refunds will be processed to the credit card that our payment provider (PayPal) have on file for you within 10 business days. We will not honor your refund request for any software product if you have received a refund for the same product before.

To make sure that you or your organization is ready to utilize this product, we strongly recommend that prior to purchasing you subscribe a Free Version. Refunds requested more than 14 calendar days after your initial purchase date will not be issued. Also you will not receive a prorated refund for the unused portion of your subscription since 14 calendar days will expire.

Fair Usage

Fair Usage Policy is designed to prevent fraud and abuse of SyncGene subscriptions. Cira Apps reserves the right to impose any and all limitations and restrictions as Cira Apps deems necessary, at its sole discretion, if it deems that a User's activity in terms of SyncGene subscription refund policy is in excess of expected fair usage of the Software.

Excess of fair SyncGene subscription usage contains situations of inappropriate claims based on abuse of customer position concerning claims to refund full amount of SyncGene subscription payment in case of 14 days of guarantee term is passed. Liability regarding refund policy contains in terms of customer payment amount for particular subscription period. It means that compensation cannot exceed last subscription payment amount.

Reseller Purchases

Our Refund Policy applies only to SyncGene purchased directly from Cira Apps Limited (Cira Apps). If your software was purchased through a third party or reseller, it must be applied to that third party or reseller, which may in turn be subject to different returns policies than ours.

Limitation of Liability

Cira Apps will not be liable under any circumstances for any indirect, consequential or incidental damages related to your use of our products, and the amount of any direct liability owed by Cira Apps Limited hereunder is limited to the amount payments it has previously received from you for the product.