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SyncGene roadmap of upcoming important updates!

SyncGene upcoming important updates!

One of the most anticipated features just launched! One-way sync is now available for SyncGene! Take a quick glimpse at latest updates for SyncGene app and upcoming features planned in the near future here in SyncGene roadmap.

SyncGene roadmap of upcoming important updates!

As we move forward into Q2 2020, here at SyncGene we’re excited to keep our momentum as one of SaaS fastest-growing enterprise software companies, and more specifically keep advancing the state of the art synchronization of Contacts, Calendars and Tasks in the cloud.
Last year we launched SyncGene Enterprise edition. This year we are further developing additional features for easier centralized management for companies. Also, we are planning most anticipated features according to gathered feedback from SyncGene users, in product roadmap.

Quick recap of SyncGene main software updates in 2019:
  • Quick setup feature - user can setup sources straight from landing page and create new account.
  • New Chat system – integrated new chat system providing better chat experience for mobile users.
  • Auto-Sync Automatic Trial – we implemented automatic trial for all new users that added sources, in that way everybody can easily try out SyncGene Premium features.
  • 2x faster Sync – this was one of the most important updates, we improved automatic synchronization, therefore now it performs 2x faster!

SyncGene Upcoming important updates are on the way!

In 2020 our Focus is on further development and improvement according to customer needs, as well as adding new sources for synchronization. We continue to focus on Enterprise level features as well.
  • DE/FR languages – now SyncGene software application interface available in German and French languages.
  • One-way sync – we launched one-way sync for end-users, also we will offer Enterprise level one-way sync solution for our SyncGene Enterprise users.
  • Salesforce Contacts – we will add it as a new source to sync with existing Google, iCloud, Office 365 sources (preliminary timeline Q3 2020).
  • Mapping – folder level mapping for synchronization (preliminary timeline Q4 2020).

Important note about One-way sync:
One-way sync available in “Manage Sources” page, “Direction” tab (accessible when there are only 2 sources).
  • User can manage synchronization “Direction” while there are 2 sources.
  • To keep things simple, when adding 3rd and more sources it will inherit one-way/two-way settings from first 2 sources automatically.
  • In case you have 3 or more sources and you still need to change setup, please contact our support and they will help you.
These are the most important updates that we listed, but of course additionally, every week our developers team deploys updates and fixes for SyncGene software. Therefore, we continue to push improvements on the weekly basis according to SyncGene user needs. As remote work for teams nowadays becomes more important, SyncGene enables companies to increase productivity and save time.

Don’t wait and check our improved SyncGene synchronization service!

SyncGene App is also available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, so you can download it on your Android or iPhone devices.
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