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Introducing SyncGene. Free App to synchronize data between multiple sources

Have you ever been lost between many accounts, apps and devices? All those scattered Contacts, Calendar events, Tasks and Notes can cause be such a mess that we waste plenty of time trying to deal with this. The only option is to find a tool, which would help to organize everything, so you can have all the Contacts, Calendar events, Tasks and Notes in one place.

Great news! We have just released a brand-new tool, which allows you to synchronize Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes between different accounts, apps and devices: iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Google services (Gmail), Outlook, iPhone, Android, Tablets, Apple devices, etc. SyncGene is a Web App, so you won’t need to download or install any software to use this tool.

What can I synchronize with SyncGene?

Sync iCloud with Google – if you use iCloud and Gmail – you can easily sync Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and keep everything up to date.

Sync iPhone with Google – you can synchronize iPhone Tasks, Contacts and Calendar with Gmail, if you store this data in iCloud. After synchronization you can easily edit information – the changes will appear in both sources.

Sync Microsoft Exchange with Google or iCloud – sync data between these two services, change it at any time and see those changes in both sources. During the synchronization, you won’t create any duplicate items.

Sync Gmail across multiple online services – sync Gmail Calendar and Contacts with multiple online services, such as: Office 365,, etc.

Why SyncGene?

Security - SyncGene not only synchronizes data between different online services, but also backups it in Google Drive (backup in iCloud and OneDrive will be available in near future). This means that you won’t need to worry about losing any data.

Privacy - we do not store Calendars, Contacts, Tasks or Notes in our servers. All backed up data goes directly from your source to Google Drive. And if you buy SyncGene - we wouldn’t see your credit card data, only your contact information.

Save time – Set up SyncGene once and forget about it.

Why Premium Subscription in better option than Free version of SyncGene:

  1. Automatic synchronization – by scheduling automatic synchronization you will save plenty of time.
  2. Time = money – US average hourly earnings are about $25. Just think about the hours you would spend on manual synchronization per year and multiply it by 26 (e.g. if you spend 2 hours/month it would cost you about $600/year). We offer to leave the synchronization work for SyncGene (costs $39.95/year), and you could save $560 per year.
  3. Instant sync after recent changes – this feature is available only with Premium Subscription.

How to use SyncGene?

  1. Go to;
  2. Add your accounts;
  3. Filter data you need to sync (select Contacts/Calendar/Tasks/etc.);
  4. Start the synchronization;
  5. Forget about it and go wasting your time on other problems, because you can say “goodbye” to this one.
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