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Sync the GAL to Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Share the GAL to different platforms - Google, iCloud and Office 365 - sync GAL with various devices - iPhone, Android, and Samsung Galaxy - and between domains and tenants. Sync the GAL to Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and keep your contacts always up to date.

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Sync the GAL to Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

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Average Rating: 4.4/5 - 787 reviews
I shared my Family calendar with wife and kids without problems. We had different phones and it caused issues, SyncGene helped to solve it. Thanks

Sync the GAL to Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with CiraApps

Syncing Calendar to Calendar and back? Easy. GAL to GAL? Done. Public Folder contacts to Salesforce, with Salesforce contacts back to the folder? No problem. Stay productive with constant two-way sync.

Features related to Syncing the GAL to Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Sync the GAL with Samsung phone in just a few clicks. Stay connected from anywhere on your mobile device.

Sync the GAL to Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Sync the GAL to Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Synchronize the whole GAL with Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra in less than a day. Connect your two Global Address Lists, enable the sync, and in just few steps it's done.

Automatic synchronization

Automatic synchronization

Ensure that the contact list on your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is accurate and up-to-date. All the new and old employees can now instantly have the company GAL automatically on their smartphones. Automatic GAL synchronization ensures that contacts, email addresses, and caller ID photos are correct.

Centralized administration

For all size teams

Migrate data across Samsung devices. A two-way solution allows organizations to sync contacts between multiple Global Address Lists, then changes made to one GAL are reflected to any connected GAL in an instant.

Sync Contacts and Calendars

Sync Contacts and Calendars

After synchronizing GALs you can sort and filter data to avoid adding unwanted contacts to your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. No more manual workarounds for syncing contacts and notes.

Sync your CRM

Sync your CRM

Sync Salesforce, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, and others. With this, transfer, duplicate, and share customer contacts across all employee devices.

Sync Public Folders

Sync Public Folders

Sync unlimited number of shared contacts in Office 365, on-Premise Exchange servers. Access Public Folders from Samsung.

Sync the GAL with Office 365

Sync with Office 365

Did you know that you can sync the GAL with Office 365? Allow to merge, edit and access the Global Address List on your Samsung.

One-way or two-way synchronization

Two-way Sync

One or Two - Way Global Address List synchronization. Multi-Way Sync Solution for Microsoft, Google Workspace, SharePoint and CRM Users. With this synchronization software sync data from one source, to any other, and back – it’s that simple.

How to sync the GAL to Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra?

Quickly and easily sync the GAL to Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

How to Sync the GAL to Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra?

Just follow the steps below:

  1. 1. Contact us;
  2. 2. Sign into the CiraHub Dashboard
  3. 3. Select the Global Address List as your source type
  4. 4. Select the source you wish to sync the GAL to
  5. 5. Turn on Two-way sync in the spoke options
  6. 6. Hit "Sync Now" - you're all done!

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