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Free and Premium comparison

When you sign up for SyncGene, you’ll get an access to almost all features available with Premium subscription. The difference between Free and Premium is the limitation of synchronization sources, manual sync can be done once a month, you can share only one calendar, limited filters and few additional features that are available only for Premium subscribers.

  Free Premium
Number of synchronized accounts 2
Auto Synchronization - +
Advanced filters - +
Sharing + +
Share Calendars 1
Accept Calendars 1
Share with “Owner” or “Edit” permissions - +
Share with “View Only” or “Free/Busy Only” permissions + +
Create public sharing links - +
Unlimited folders/groups - * +
Access to the setup on multiple devices + +
Data backup + +
Data restore + +

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+ +


*Limited to one folders per data type (one Calendar, one Contacts folder/group), e.g. you'll will be able to synchronize only one selected Calendar folder.

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