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SyncGene grows to 100000 users!

SyncGene crossed major milestone of 100,000 registered users last week. SyncGene is cloud service that syncs Calendars, Contacts and Tasks across different cloud platforms like Google, iCloud, Office 365 and other.

Thanks to our users!

We would like to use this opportunity and say Thank You for choosing SyncGene. Let’s look back at all the progress that has been made so far.

Number of users, whom SyncGene helps in their daily life, doubled in the last 12 months
We are happy to see that during the last ~12 months registered users number grew almost 2x times.

User's Valuable Feedback
How do we usually come up with feature improvement ideas for SyncGene? Well, the answer is simple: we focus on user satisfaction more than anything. Therefore, we look at Your feedback for improvement ideas and Product Roadmap development.

Always Trying To Improve The Product
We started with this main goal for SyncGene: to Sync Contacts, Calendar and Tasks automatically across iPhone, Android, Outlook, Gmail and other apps.

To bridge the gap between most popular services and apps (Google, iCloud, Office 365, Exchange) and allow users to have their data, such as Contacts, Calendar and Tasks, synchronized and kept up-to-date across them.

SyncGene started as a solution for Individual use. As our happy customers gave great feedback not only to us, but recommended SyncGene for their employers as well - we started seeing growing demand for solution geared towards Enterprise use. Therefore, last year we launched SyncGene Enterprise edition to fulfill such needs.

This year we are further developing SyncGene Enterprise features such as easier centralized management for large companies.

This year we introduced highly anticipated features for all users (Individual and Enterprise). Features like German and French language support, as well as One-Way sync availability for SyncGene!

Also, we are planning ones of the most anticipated features according to gathered feedback from SyncGene users in our Product Roadmap. 

Dedicated Five Star Support Team
We are very actively responding to our user inquiries. On SyncGene website You will find a Live Chat. Start the chat and get a response immediately during our working hours. Or just leave a message and our five-star rated support team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Appreciating User Engagement
We are very proud and delighted that so many people, 100,000 users to be exact, have registered on SyncGene. Thanks to all your support, to which we are very grateful.

We look forward to improving our service and reaching future milestones together!

Don’t wait and try SyncGene synchronization service!

SyncGene App is also available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, so you can download it on your Android or iPhone devices.
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