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G Suite Calendars synchronization with Office 365 case study

Find out how SyncGene Enterprise helped to solve Calendars synchronization case, working between G Suite and Office 365. 

G Suite Calendars synchronization with Office 365 case study:

Greens List is one of the leading barristers' lists at the Victorian Bar. They are committed to providing expert Lawyers and quality advice to ensure the cases are handled with the utmost care and professionalism to a high standard. Greens List is representing over 2200 barristers in Victoria.

Providing consultations and assistance on finding the right barrister which discusses the needs and recommends an appropriate barrister for people matters. As well as organizing Professional Development Seminars while being trusted as a leading provider of high-quality seminars to the Victorian legal profession.


As it is usual, different companies and associations use different email service providers.

In this case – Office 365 and G-Suite were used in the Victorian Bar and Greens List companies accordingly. Out of that the issue of not having all in one calendar came up.

G-Suite does not allow to export calendars automatically to other software and end-users had to deal with manually checking two different email addresses for the appointments and tasks as well as checking if there are any conflicts between two different sources.

Because of this reason productivity was lost in the company side since one of the email sources was used less and not checked that often. This issue made data and information loss throughout both companies.


After the consultation with 4Team specialists there was a decision to implement SyncGene with a two-way synchronization between both email accounts for each user individually for calendars and tasks, so all the information could be seen in both email accounts for each user.

With this implementation there is no difference which email account is used, and calendars are synchronized between both accounts every 15 minutes. This provides the necessary information for users and prevents the loss of information and missing important calendar events.

This saves time and makes work more efficient not only for the company, but for all individual users as well, with an opportunity to share their busy calendar with family members on any other device, when needed.

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