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We are adjusting Yearly pricing on February 21st

We are adjusting Yearly pricing on February 21st. Pricing change will not affect current payment schedule. Users with yearly subscription will be grandfathered into current pricing plan until subscription is canceled.

We are continuing to improve our service quality and working on new features

Currently we are working on:

  • Adding new sources to sync;
  • Corporate and family accounts;
  • Interface localization to German and French;
  • 2 Factor Enterprise Exchange authentication.

  • Users with active Yearly subscription will maintain 4.95 USD 5.80 USD per month price. Current Yearly subscription price is increased to 69.60 USD from 59.40 USD

    If you have family members or friends who would like to join and lock in old pricing - share this message with them. You can find share buttons on the left side of the screen. Offer is valid until February 21st.

    Thank you for being with us!
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