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New Year resolution - Be better organized with SyncGene latest updates!

We have released a bunch of functionality improvements since the last announcement of a milestone product – Share Calendar (give it a try if you haven’t done so).

The recent updates include usability upgrades, speed enhancements as well as bug fixes that will help you manage your calendar events, contacts and tasks easier.

Here is what we have done for you:

  • Increased synchronization speed – your data between the sources will be synced much faster;
  • Improved iCloud synchronization processes – sync of original event duration, task sync, etc.;
  • Improved Sync Report graphs – get a better overview of your activities;
  • Updated notifications to inform & warn you on time;
  • Improved feedback forms to hear you & understand your needs better;
  • Fixed Calendar Sharing issues (event duplication, etc.);
  • Fixed other small usability & interface issues to improve your experience;

  • And even more is coming soon:

  • Product interface improvements;
  • Further speed enhancements;
  • Regular feature updates & use-cases from our blog ;
  • and much more!

    Happy Holidays! Stay productive in 2019 with improved SyncGene.

    We work hard to help you save time and keep your data in shape. Please share your feedback with us to help improve your experience & satisfaction using SyncGene.
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