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New version of SyncGene is live and ready to use!

SyncGene has been updated. Check out the improvements of the latest SyncGene version.

The latest update of SyncGene delivers the following improvements:

  • Updated status page user interface:

  • >> See detailed and visualized results on how many of your calendars, contacts or tasks were updated.

    >> Check how many of your calendars, contacts or tasks were changed by you and need to be synchronized.

  • Visual report to see the data which was synchronized in the past:

  • >> Check up to 3 months’ detailed information about what happened.

    >> See detailed information about what happened in every account.

  • New feature for Free version users. Never forget to synchronize your data. We will remind you in case you have calendars, contacts or tasks not in sync.

  • Synchronization status

    Synchronization report

    SyncGene App is also available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, so you can download it on your iPhone or Android device.
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