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Merge Calendars, Contacts, Tasks into One unified view

Getting all the information you need in one place is key to doing efficient work.  

To have all contacts, calendars, and tasks in one place, you will need to join information from many accounts and devices. Although the process seems tricky at first, it actually is quite straightforward, with a good strategy in place.  

There are a couple of ways to consolidate your files into one list. And we are not talking about copying and pasting.  

Share Calendars Cross-Platform

When thinking about what it is like to work in the modern world, long hours and busy schedules immediately come to mind. To run smoothly, companies rely on teamwork and optimal time management.  

For running a company like a well-oiled machine, sharing calendars is crucial. Managers, realizing this, are using shared calendars to boost and increase productivity. Such a simple tool can ensure efficiency, improve organization, and lead to smooth teamwork. That's right, all the buzzwords. 

And the fun part about all this is that to share calendars you will not need outstanding computer skills or much effort!   

G Suite to Office 365 Migration

If you have ever planned it, you know that data migration is not as straightforward as it seems. Many enterprises today are unsure where to start with such a large project. And, if you are reading this article, you might need some help too. 

What is data migration? How do I move from G Suite to Office 365? How much planning should I do? What are the right tools for successful migration? 

We will answer all your questions in this article. Ready? Let us dive into Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) to Office 365 migration, step-by-step. 

Tasks and to do list sync across devices

Are you thinking that keeping track of your tasks across different devices is a pain? It can be if you are doing everything manually. If you are using several different task apps daily, you know what we are talking about. When you use Google Tasks, Exchange Task, or Apple Reminders*, you update each app on your laptop and mobile devices individually.  

Without a clear task management system, you could miss important deadlines or even lose your assignments. It could have a ripple effect on your daily work. To avoid distractions, try task synchronization. Spend more time on tasks and less juggling between apps.  

Contacts synchronization between your devices

The rapid development of various messaging services has enhanced our ability to communicate more efficiently. Even so, phone conversations are one of the main channels for larger enterprises. Based on recent research, 80% of all companies conduct business over the phone, in real-time. 

It is not surprising that successful communication requires a well-organized address book. Without it, people would be forced to make manual updates and waste an enormous amount of time looking up contact information.  

Calendar synchronization across devices

Today the average specialist does not work on a single device anymore. As of this, many of them spend lots of time working between their calendars. And why not – every one of us avoids missing meetings and double bookings, right?  

Best Contacts Apps

It has been a long time since we have talked about our contact apps. This might not be something you have paid attention to in a while – but there is quite a lot that can be done with your contacts to make your communication easier. 

Best Calendar Apps

Best Calendar Apps in 2020!

The year 2020 has been a trying time for everyone. In this unprecedented year, a significant amount of people found themselves merging their work and home lives. The call to action for many companies allowing their employees to work from home has opened a much-needed discussion around how best to juggle both environments. This is where calendars come in. 

SyncGene roadmap of upcoming important updates!

SyncGene upcoming important updates!

One of the most anticipated features just launched! One-way sync is now available for SyncGene! Take a quick glimpse at latest updates for SyncGene app and upcoming features planned in the near future here in SyncGene roadmap.

Best apps for working remotely from home

Top 8 apps for Working Remotely from Home

Companies facing the immediate changes in the work environment, that can cause chaos in the workflow. Delayed projects and time-goal shifting suddenly becomes daily thing.

This challenge can be approached in two ways, both maximizing personal work productivity by each individual and doing it company-wide.

Here are some of the software / applications that our team is using to stay connected and to be productive while working remotely from home.

We are adjusting Yearly pricing on February 21st

We are adjusting Yearly pricing on February 21st. Pricing change will not affect current payment schedule. Users with yearly subscription will be grandfathered into current pricing plan until subscription is canceled.

Introducing SyncGene. Free App to synchronize data between multiple sources

Have you ever been lost between many accounts, apps and devices? All those scattered Contacts, Calendar events, Tasks and Notes can cause be such a mess that we waste plenty of time trying to deal with this. The only option is to find a tool, which would help to organize everything, so you can have all the Contacts, Calendar events, Tasks and Notes in one place.

Great news! We have just released a brand-new tool, which allows you to synchronize Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes between different accounts, apps and devices: iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Google services (Gmail), Outlook, iPhone, Android, Tablets, Apple devices, etc. SyncGene is a Web App, so you won’t need to download or install any software to use this tool.

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