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SyncGene's Security Standards

Our mission is simple: we want to help you stay organized

Since we handle your data to do this, we need to ensure that this is done safely and securely. We’ll explain about the security standards that make SyncGene as safe as can be. 


Google People API - Important Announcement

Google will shut down its Contacts API and focus on the People API instead.
So, what does that mean? And what is an API anyway?

Here’s what you need to know about the Google People API and why it’s so important for SyncGene.


Google Calendar Sharing

Managing your time between work, family, and hobbies can be difficult. Thankfully, Google has a few useful tools to help you keep track of your schedule. 

In this article, we'll show you how to share calendars with those who need it.


Fixing G Suite and Outlook Sync

As a professional, it’s essential to have an email account that never fails. We all rely on G Suite and Outlook for that reason, but sometimes they just won’t sync.

In this article, we’ll be looking at common problems people run into with G Suite and Outlook and how to fix them.


Import Contacts to G Suite

When your business switches to G Suite, you’ll have to migrate your contacts from an existing email address. You can import all Contacts to your new G Suite account manually or automatically. 

In this article, we’ll be going over the steps of both methods.


How to Merge Office 365 Accounts

Most people use a single Office account to log into all of their devices. But what if you have multiple accounts, or you want to switch over to a new one?

Truth be told, if you ever need to merge two Office accounts, it can be a pain. 

Not to worry! In this article, we’ll show you how to merge two Office 365 accounts into one manually, with the help of Outlook, or automatically using SyncGene.

How to Fix G Suite Migration Failure

Google has made huge strides with its suite of productivity tools. Their email and document collaboration platform, G Suite, is one of the best solutions on the market today. But what happens when something goes wrong? 

In this article, we’ll be walking you through the basic steps you need to take to resolve your G Suite migration issues.

Cybersecurity Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Hackers, viruses, and scammers are just some of the menaces around online. Are you equipped to handle them in the worst-case scenario?

Cybersecurity doesn’t have to be complicated. Learn about how you can stay safe online with our top tips and mistakes to avoid.

Everything You Need to Know About G Suite and Outlook Connection

G Suite is a nifty suite of tools you can use to improve the efficiency of your business. No doubt about it. However, G Suite is not compatible with Microsoft Outlook at the moment. That’s a problem, right? Wrong!

Fortunately, there are a couple of tools and services that can be used to connect your business company’s email accounts (hosted on G Suite) and the Microsoft Outlook software that you might be using within your office or at home.

This article explains ways you can connect G Suite and Microsoft Outlook in a few simple steps.


Popular Backup Strategies and Mistakes to Avoid

Backing up data is a vital part of running a business. However, so many neglect to do it. Whatever the reason is, we can help you get started. Or, if you’re already backing up data, take a look at our advice for maintaining your backup strategies.

How to Sync Google Contacts with Huawei

The good news is – you can sync your Google contacts with a Huawei.

The thing is, after the Huawei ban was implemented, synchronization isn't natively supported by the phone. After May 2019, Huawei users have little choice but to sync their Google Contacts with a third-party app.

So, syncing Google Contacts with a Huawei device has become difficult – but not impossible.

In this article, we will show you how to sync Google Contacts with any Huawei phone using SyncGene and Outlook.

How to Sync Google Calendar with Huawei

If you’ve been following the tech industry over the past years, you no doubt know that Huawei is in a heap of trouble.

Since May 2019, the company has been under fire from the United States government, resulting in what is referred to as the “Huawei ban.” As a result of the ban, Huawei can’t preload newly released phones with Google apps like Maps, YouTube, the Google Play Store, or Google Assistant.

So, syncing Google Calendar with a Huawei device has become difficult – but not impossible. In this article, we will show you how to sync Google Calendar with any Huawei phone using SyncGene and Outlook.

6 SyncGene Tips to Increase Productivity

A task you might think is simple could end up becoming really complex. We at SyncGene know this all too well, which is why our team is constantly working on new updates and nifty features to make your employees’ remote work easier.

While a few of the latest SyncGene features can massively change your synchronization experience, some of you might not know they exist at all. Tips, tricks, even hacks are hiding around every corner!
We put together this article to help you maximize your SyncGene experience, and we left no stone unturned.

Contact sharing cross-platform

How to share contacts between Gmail, Outlook, and iOS devices? Millions of companies are asking the same question, looking for the most efficient way to share company address books cross-platform.

This guide will outline several methods you can use to share your contacts between Gmail, Outlook, and iOS devices both manually and automatically.

SyncGene Roadmap for 2021

You have probably been wondering when the latest version of SyncGene will be released. That is why we are here – to keep you in-the-loop about our progress towards great new improvements!

The team would love to take a few minutes to let you know what features we are working on for the upcoming months. 

Merge multiple Google accounts

There may be times when you need to create a new Google account. Whether for business, school, or because your old email ID is confusing and hard to spell. Or maybe you don’t want to be known as anymore.

The main issue with creating a new Google account is that your most used data, like Contacts or Calendar, is not transferred automatically from one account to another.

Luckily, we know a few ways to get the job done efficiently.

4 Tech Tips for Working from Home

If you don’t usually work from home, the chances are there will be some bumps in the road if you suddenly have to go fully remote. Here are a few tips to make your remote business life more productive.

Merge Calendars, Contacts, Tasks into One unified view

Getting all the information you need in one place is key to doing efficient work.  

To have all contacts, calendars, and tasks in one place, you will need to join information from many accounts and devices. Although the process seems tricky at first, it actually is quite straightforward, with a good strategy in place.  

There are a couple of ways to consolidate your files into one list. And we are not talking about copying and pasting.  

Share Calendars Cross-Platform

When thinking about what it is like to work in the modern world, long hours and busy schedules immediately come to mind. To run smoothly, companies rely on teamwork and optimal time management.  

For running a company like a well-oiled machine, sharing calendars is crucial. Managers, realizing this, are using shared calendars to boost and increase productivity. Such a simple tool can ensure efficiency, improve organization, and lead to smooth teamwork. That's right, all the buzzwords. 

And the fun part about all this is that to share calendars you will not need outstanding computer skills or much effort!   

G Suite to Office 365 Migration

If you have ever planned it, you know that data migration is not as straightforward as it seems. Many enterprises today are unsure where to start with such a large project. And, if you are reading this article, you might need some help too. 

What is data migration? How do I move from G Suite to Office 365? How much planning should I do? What are the right tools for successful migration? 

We will answer all your questions in this article. Ready? Let us dive into Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) to Office 365 migration, step-by-step. 

Tasks and to do list sync across devices

Are you thinking that keeping track of your tasks across different devices is a pain? It can be if you are doing everything manually. If you are using several different task apps daily, you know what we are talking about. When you use Google Tasks, Exchange Task, or Apple Reminders*, you update each app on your laptop and mobile devices individually.  

Without a clear task management system, you could miss important deadlines or even lose your assignments. It could have a ripple effect on your daily work. To avoid distractions, try task synchronization. Spend more time on tasks and less juggling between apps.  

Contacts synchronization between your devices

The rapid development of various messaging services has enhanced our ability to communicate more efficiently. Even so, phone conversations are one of the main channels for larger enterprises. Based on recent research, 80% of all companies conduct business over the phone, in real-time. 

It is not surprising that successful communication requires a well-organized address book. Without it, people would be forced to make manual updates and waste an enormous amount of time looking up contact information.  

Calendar synchronization across devices

Today the average specialist does not work on a single device anymore. As of this, many of them spend lots of time working between their calendars. And why not – every one of us avoids missing meetings and double bookings, right?  

Best Contacts Apps

It has been a long time since we have talked about our contact apps. This might not be something you have paid attention to in a while – but there is quite a lot that can be done with your contacts to make your communication easier. 

Best Calendar Apps

Best Calendar Apps in 2020!

The year 2020 has been a trying time for everyone. In this unprecedented year, a significant amount of people found themselves merging their work and home lives. The call to action for many companies allowing their employees to work from home has opened a much-needed discussion around how best to juggle both environments. This is where calendars come in. 

SyncGene roadmap of upcoming important updates!

SyncGene upcoming important updates!

One of the most anticipated features just launched! One-way sync is now available for SyncGene! Take a quick glimpse at latest updates for SyncGene app and upcoming features planned in the near future here in SyncGene roadmap.

Best apps for working remotely from home

Top 8 apps for Working Remotely from Home

Companies facing the immediate changes in the work environment, that can cause chaos in the workflow. Delayed projects and time-goal shifting suddenly becomes daily thing.

This challenge can be approached in two ways, both maximizing personal work productivity by each individual and doing it company-wide.

Here are some of the software / applications that our team is using to stay connected and to be productive while working remotely from home.

We are adjusting Yearly pricing on February 21st

We are adjusting Yearly pricing on February 21st. Pricing change will not affect current payment schedule. Users with yearly subscription will be grandfathered into current pricing plan until subscription is canceled.

Introducing SyncGene. Free App to synchronize data between multiple sources

Have you ever been lost between many accounts, apps and devices? All those scattered Contacts, Calendar events, Tasks and Notes can cause be such a mess that we waste plenty of time trying to deal with this. The only option is to find a tool, which would help to organize everything, so you can have all the Contacts, Calendar events, Tasks and Notes in one place.

Great news! We have just released a brand-new tool, which allows you to synchronize Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes between different accounts, apps and devices: iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Google services (Gmail), Outlook, iPhone, Android, Tablets, Apple devices, etc. SyncGene is a Web App, so you won’t need to download or install any software to use this tool.

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